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The #fridaymix is a collaborative project to create a totally awesome themed mix for your Friday afternoon. The music will be provided by you, via Spotify, and a related discussion will take place on Twitter. You can also follow @fridaymix for updates.

The #fridaymix Playlists

1680 unique tracks over 66 collaborative mixes for a total running time of 4 days, 21:53:24.

Sochi Sochi
7th Feb 2014
Best of 2013. So far... Best of 2013. So far...
20th Sep 2013
Drugs Drugs
18th Jan 2013
Remix Remix
7th Sep 2012
Superheroes and Villains Superheroes and Villains
20th Jul 2012
Rain Rain
22nd Jun 2012
Beasties whosampled/wassampled Beasties whosampled/wassampled
11th May 2012
Solar flares Solar flares
9th Mar 2012
Unlucky Unlucky
13th Jan 2012
Best of 2011 Best of 2011
16th Dec 2011
Spookify 2011 Spookify 2011
28th Oct 2011
Steve Jobs Steve Jobs
7th Oct 2011
Comebacks Comebacks
2nd Sep 2011
Overindulgence Overindulgence
22nd Jul 2011
15th Jul 2011
News of the World (Deception, lies, corruption) News of the World (Deception, lies, corruption)
8th Jul 2011
24th Jun 2011
Travel and Places Travel and Places
10th Jun 2011
Secrets & Scandal Secrets & Scandal
27th May 2011
Family Family
6th May 2011
The Future The Future
15th Apr 2011
Sunshine Sunshine
8th Apr 2011
Robots Robots
1st Apr 2011
New Office New Office
25th Mar 2011
Money (Red Nose Day) Money (Red Nose Day)
18th Mar 2011
One Inherited. One Passed Forward One Inherited. One Passed Forward
11th Mar 2011
Makes you want to dance around like a maniac Makes you want to dance around like a maniac
4th Mar 2011
Sleep Sleep
25th Feb 2011
Inappropriate for a wedding Inappropriate for a wedding
18th Feb 2011
Favourite Songs at 12 Years Old Favourite Songs at 12 Years Old
11th Feb 2011
Colours Colours
28th Jan 2011
Days of the week Days of the week
21st Jan 2011
Body Parts Body Parts
14th Jan 2011
Best of 2010 Best of 2010
7th Jan 2011
Current Favourites Current Favourites
17th Dec 2010
Paaaarty! Paaaarty!
10th Dec 2010
Snow (No xmas) Snow (No xmas)
3rd Dec 2010
<3 <3
103 tracks, 4:09:13 running time 26th Nov 2010
Animals Animals
66 tracks, 4:12:40 running time 19th Nov 2010
Last Track of the Album Last Track of the Album
53 tracks, 4:04:03 running time 12th Nov 2010
Songs by people with moustaches Songs by people with moustaches
63 tracks, 4:04:14 running time 5th Nov 2010
Spooky songs by dead people Spooky songs by dead people
47 tracks, 2:57:13 running time 29th Oct 2010
Now That's What I Call #fridaymix! 1 Now That's What I Call #fridaymix! 1
63 tracks, 4:09:35 running time 22nd Oct 2010
Guilty Pleasures Guilty Pleasures
79 tracks, 5:12:15 running time 15th Oct 2010
War and Peace War and Peace
53 tracks, 3:53:47 running time 8th Oct 2010
Inappropriate for a funeral? Inappropriate for a funeral?
59 tracks, 3:35:11 running time 1st Oct 2010
Girls' names Girls' names
73 tracks, 4:47:25 running time 24th Sep 2010
Songs not in English Songs not in English
53 tracks, 3:24:37 running time 17th Sep 2010
Instrumentals Instrumentals
53 tracks, 3:46:08 running time 10th Sep 2010
Music for Trapped Miners Music for Trapped Miners
48 tracks, 3:09:10 running time 27th Aug 2010
Music from the Movies Music from the Movies
73 tracks, 4:33:27 running time 20th Aug 2010
The Numbers The Numbers
60 tracks, 4:00:20 running time 6th Aug 2010
Geek Geek
85 tracks, 5:08:35 running time 23rd Jul 2010
Second Track Second Track
70 tracks, 4:48:45 running time 16th Jul 2010
Summer Tunes Summer Tunes
87 tracks, 5:21:28 running time 18th Jun 2010
Coalition (Duets and Collabos) Coalition (Duets and Collabos)
71 tracks, 4:51:55 running time 21st May 2010
Covers Covers
72 tracks, 4:38:18 running time 30th Apr 2010
Orwellian 1984 Orwellian 1984
41 tracks, 3:05:58 running time 9th Apr 2010
Originals Originals
61 tracks, 3:26:16 running time 26th Mar 2010
Valentines Valentines
74 tracks, 4:44:35 running time 12th Feb 2010
Resolutions Resolutions
56 tracks, 3:45:48 running time 22nd Jan 2010
Alternative Christmas Alternative Christmas
43 tracks, 2:25:41 running time 11th Dec 2009
Songs of the Noughties Songs of the Noughties
77 tracks, 5:15:51 running time 4th Dec 2009
St Andrew St Andrew
37 tracks, 2:40:09 running time 20th Nov 2009
FunkyFawkes FunkyFawkes
49 tracks, 3:29:35 running time 6th Nov 2009
Spookify Spookify
61 tracks, 4:10:57 running time 30th Oct 2009

The #fridaymix Rules

Discussion, arguments and accusations will all take place on Twitter, which you don't need a Twitter account to follow.

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